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We take pride in producing the highest quality swine breeds known for efficiency, excellent meat quality and top-notch breeding. This is possible by five things:

Superior Genetics



At Belstra Group Farms, we pride ourselves on producing only the highest quality PICâ„¢ genetics. Our team has classified, evaluated, and selected these genetics based on the structural and biological characteristics of each pig. This ensures that we are breeding the best boars to the best gilts and producing healthy piglets for production and pork quality.



Our pigs only consume feed made exclusively at Belstra Milling Company. This guarantees they are getting the highest quality, targeted nutrients and vitamins for each stage of their life. The nutrition of our animals is paramount and is a direct reflection on their health.

Quality Nutrition
Animal Health



Our farm managers and technicians are trained on how to catch signs of illness, stress, and other complications in order to maintain the highest standards of health for our pigs. We treat our pigs with the correct medicine and dosage, only when necessary and as advised by our experienced veterinarian. Healthy pigs lead to a happy farm.



We construct our farms to make sure our pigs are safe and comfortable at all times. We take great care in keeping our pigs out of the elements, away from predators and safe from various airborne viruses and bacteria. Our exceptional heating and cooling, ventilation and airflow systems allow Belstra Group Farms to carefully control the environment in each building, thus allowing our pigs to remain safe and healthy.


Modern Facilities
Excellent Management



With more than a hundred years of collective experience in the industry, our swine management team is unmatched in their passion and knowledge. The outstanding facilities, health and nutrition of our pigs is a testament to the excellent leadership and care of our farm managers. We are blessed to have such dedicated individuals working on our team to grow such an amazing animal.

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