Remote Event
Sep 01, 2021

Belstra Egg Drop - September 2021

Type of Event: Remote (not in person)
Takes Place:  Entire Month of September 2021

Are you EGG-cited? 🤩🥚 September is Chicken Month and Belstra Milling Co.'s Egg Drop Contest is underway! Prizes are available for all participants of the egg drop and are available for pick up at the Belstra Farm Store in DeMotte, IN!
A few words of encouragement - have fun and feel free to get creative in the uniqueness. This contest is open to all ages and there will be a fun voting for the most unique egg drop system that will be available starting on September 24 at 5:00 pm.

Steps/How to Participate:

1. Design a system to protect an egg from cracking or breaking from an 8 ft fall.  If successful, try from a higher fall if possible.  Please use an adult for safety.

2. Build your system with anything you'd like! Some ideas include paper towels, straws, tape, cardboard, paper, etc.!

3. Submit a picture of the participant with their project by September 24 to the email below and we will feature them on Belstra social media!  Pick up a prize at the Belstra Farm Store by September 24 at 424 15th St. SE, DeMotte, IN  46310.

Email a picture of the participant with their project to by September 24!  We will feature them on our social media!  

Voting for the most unique system will take place after September 24 and the winners will receive an additional prize.