Feed Products

Belstra offers a Belstra feed brand and custom feeds to fit your needs in addition to our retail brands. We provide farmers and families with safe and healthy feeds formulated for their animals that includes pigs, dairy cows, cattle, equine, rabbits/cavies, ​ chickens, goats, sheep/lambs, ducks/gamebirds, and other specialty animals. From large scale dairies and sow farms to hobby farmers and the family pet, Belstra Milling Company has a formula that ensures that your animal is receiving fresh and high quality feeds. To view a full listing of products, select your preferred species. Furthermore, explore our winning feeds and check out our where to buy section to find a local farm store that stocks Belstra feeds.​

As a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified company we adhere to the following steps:

  • Supplier verification
  • Ingredient sampling and testing
  • Monitoring and critical control points throughout the entire process
  • Pellet durability testing